Hello and thank you so much for visiting my blog. My name is Kimberly, I am a wife, a Mother, a writer, with a passion for helping others overcome struggles and battles in their life through sharing my story of perseverance and survival. One of my deepest passions in life has always been fitness. In my life before the car accident I was a dancer and a cheerleader. I danced for 11 years and cheered for 4. When I was 17 I was in a near-death car accident that changed my life in one split second. Since that day, July  22, 2001 I have been fighting to get my life back and to walk again. I never thought I would find an outlet that would bring me the amazing joy and energy that I used to get through dance and cheerleading but Beachbody programs and Beachbody coaching have filled a void in my life that I have had since that evening in July.

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  1. Hi: I’m having an ankle fusion on June 4th. I can’t seem to find information about what people do during the weeks following. Do they stay in bed and ask spouse to empty urinals and bedpans? or can you get up and go to the bathroom? how long before you can take a shower, and how do you take one? when can you soak in a hot tub or swimming pool? what’s better, crutches or one of those knee wheel things? and so on… Thanks!

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